First Review for Dummy Jim Album

Wooda Arts Award

‘I haven’t seen Dummy Jim yet, but if this soundtrack is any indication, it must be a truly unconventional and memorable film. With the aid of bizarre instrument builder Sarah Kenchington, Daniel Padden and his cohorts have created a kaleidoscopic collision of traditional Anglo-folk, free jazz, drone, and deep-seated eccentricity that sounds like absolutely no one else.’ Full Review from Anthony D’Amico.

Dummy Jim CD & Extra Concert

Feature Film: Dummy Jim

The new album from The One Ensemble & Sarah Kenchington is available now!

Sarah Kenchington, Dovecot Studios, 13-11-09

This unusual suite of works inspired by James Duthie’s journal I Cycled Into The Arctic Circle will form the basis of the soundtrack to my next feature film.

Get in there early and explore.

There’s to be another concert with The One Ensemble & Sarah Kenchington at STEREO in Glasgow on Friday 18th December at 2000h. It will cost you just £3 to come in. It’s an expanded cinema event.

This message came through following the concerts in November:

‘The show was spectacular, brilliant, haven’t been so excited by the simple act of putting sound and pictures together live for ages!’

You can get your copy of the Dummy Jim CD right here and support the making of the film Dummy Jim PLUS the National Deaf Children’s Society …

The One Ensemble & Sarah Kenchington Play Dummy Jim | 3 Concerts & Album Launch

Wooda Arts Award

The One Ensemble & Sarah Kenchington will premiere a suite of new works inspired by the story of James Duthie at three concerts in November.

James Duthie02small

I Cycled into the Arctic Circle

Duthie, a profoundly deaf Aberdeenshire man (affectionately known as Dummy Jim), cycled solo on a 3000 mile return trip to the far north of Europe in 1951. Sadly he was killed in a mysterious road accident in 1965.

According to a cousin, 85 year old Joy Buchan, he set off on his adventure with just a couple of jumpers, a blanket & a pair of ‘khaki knickers’ with only £12 in the pocket.