DUMMY JIM (DCP, 87′, 2013) ☆ Nominated for the Michael Powell Award for Best British Feature (EIFF 2013) and a Tiger Award (IFFR 2013) ☆ “A totally unique mixture of documentary, fiction and playful visual poetry.” (Edinburgh International Film Festival 2013) ✩ “Very beautiful and utterly bonkers” (The List) own it

Dummy Jim weaves fiction, documentary, animation and archive to explore the eccentric adventures of profoundly deaf Scots long-distance cyclist cames Duthie who hailed from the close-knit Aberdeenshire fishing community of Cairnbulg and Inverallochy. In 1951, he set out on a lone cycling tour to Morocco. After three months of pedalling, he reached the Arctic Circle. “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.” 12 years in the making, Hulse crafts a multi-layered memorial to a quietly determined maverick and the community that shaped him, with present-day village inhabitants emerging as creative participants.

Actor / film maker Samuel Dore leads.

FOLLOW THE MASTER (S8/DV on Digibeta, 73′, 2009) ☆ Debut feature and second-fastest selling film at Edinburgh International Film Festival 2009. A 100 mile long quietly off beat pilgrimage in the wake of Hulse’s grandfather’s death. ☆ ‘An inspired cinematic pleasure’ (EIFF 2009) ☆ ‘Thrums with life and a little madness’ (Eye For Film) ☆ ‘Hypnotic piece of art and touching tribute’ (The Wanderer) ☆

BRIDGET (S8 on DV, 45′, 2008) ☆ Film poem and tribute to a lively octogenarian, commissioned by her daughters.

SEE NOISE HEAR LIGHT (S8 on DV, 30′, 2007) ☆ Freeform documentation of the Arika festival Instal. Featured artists include Keiji Haino, Tony Conrad, Ludo Mich, Maryanne Amacher, Oshiri Penpenz and Lee Patterson.

THE LOVE SONG OF J. ALFRED PRUFROCK (S8, 45′, 1989) ☆ Adaptation of TS Eliot’s poem, featuring Andy MacKay as Prufrock. Co-adapted / directed by Toby Hulse.


WITHIN THE FIRMAMENT OF THE EDIBLE (HD, 6′, 2014) ☆ An Andrew Raven Trust commission. A response to a symposium that sought to address a key question: “What is the impact of how we consume food in Scotland?” watch now

TOGETHER APART (HD, 10′, 2014) The outcome of a year long artist’s residency coordinated by ACES (Aberdeen Centre for Environmental Sustainability) and The University of Aberdeen. The residency brought together artists, natural and social scientists and ecologists to examine environmental conflict and explore conflict resolution. The screenplay was developed collaboratively by Matt Hulse and Professor of Geography Bill Adams. watch now

SUMMER 3 (HD, 5′, 2012) ☆ Passionate response to a re-composition by Max Richter of the third movement of Vivaldi’s ‘Four Seasons’. Performed by Daniel Hope, Konzerthaus Kammerorchester Berlin & André de Ridder watch now

ELVIS: THE LONELY HUNTER OF CIRCLE BEACH (HD, 6′, 2012) ☆ Circle Beach: a God-forsaken corner off the coast of the once-great city of New York. Only the toughest can survive an environment this unforgiving. (Tropfest NYC 2012 Third Prize) watch now

A PILGRIMAGE (S8 on DV, 18′, 2010) ☆  S8mm film document that shakily follows the ups and downs of a 37 tonne cinema on wheels misled by Tilda Swinton and Mark Cousins trailer

IVUL UNMADE (S8 on DV, 18′, 2009) ☆ Super 8 sniping on the set of Andrew Kötting’s third feature own it

HARRACHOV (S8/16mm on 35mm, 10′, 2006, co-director Joost van Veen) ☆ ‘An unspecified force collects items & assembles them into a grotesque machine laden with erogenous overtones & carnal symbolism.’ (All Movie Guide). Best Experimental Film, MIFF 2008. Hopper-Ritte Team Work Award, Stuttgart Filmwinter 2009.

REPLAY (S8 on DV, 9′, 2005) ☆ Commissioned by Rotterdam International Film Festival with music by David Shea.

HALF LIFE (S8 on DV, 6′, 2004) ☆ A stop-frame analysis of the daily torture of the desk-bound being. An animate! commission for ACE/C4. watch now

JEST TYLKO ŚWIATŁO (THERE IS ONLY LIGHT) (S8 on DV, 4′, 2004) ☆ Created during residency at Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw. Here’s a version with a sound remix by Olaf Wisselink.

MY DARKNESS IS MELTING (S8 on DV, 2′, 2004) ☆ One of thirty short films commissioned worldwide by Diesel.

GOD SAVE THE QUEEN (DV, 4′, 2002) ☆ The Sex Pistol’s anthem revisited and re/interpreted in British Sign Language, featuring Samuel Dore, who went on to play the lead in Dummy Jim watch now

LOSLASSEN! (LET IT GO!) (DV, 6′, 2002) ☆ Created over a period of 48hrs at the Dresden Short Film Festival with participation of local folk.

POLSKIE BUTY (S8 on 35mm, 4′, 2002) ☆ A feet-first view of the streets of Wroclaw, Poland.

OVERHEATED: UNDIMINISHED INTENSITY MIX (S8 on DV, 8′, 2001) ☆ A single channel version of a three channel film installation (1990) for the international group show Fabula at the UK National Museum of Film, Photography & Television. ‘A polemic affair. A portfolio of American real estate, street bunting and Stars and Stripes shot on grainy film dislocated by a layered soundtrack featuring John Barry’s theme for Midnight Cowboy and radio fragments documenting the 1991 Gulf War. The result? A powerful and topical reminder of the nature of American moral certitude and the rhetoric of power’. (Brendan Fletcher, a-n)

NOW I AM YOURS (S8 on DV, 7′, 2001) ☆ Shot on location in Dresden, Germany, spliced with sequences from the Resnais’ film Last Year at Marienbad. ” … forever, a past of marble, like this garden carved in stone …” (Robbe-Grillet)

HOTEL CENTRAL (S8/16 on 35mm, 10′, 2000) ☆ ‘In the twilight zone between art and cinema – Hulse makes images like Stockhausen makes music.’ (Simon Field, Director, IFFR) Starring Joost van Veen watch now

COME ON LET’S GO (S8/16 on DigiBeta, 4′, 2000) ☆ Never (officially) released promo for Broadcast’s near-hit record watch now

WEE THREE (16mm, 6′, 1998) ☆ Three naughty school children caught between the demands of the body & the rule of authority. Fox Searchlight Best British Short Film EIFF 1998. Scottish Bafta New Talent Award for Best Achievement. Produced by Aimara Reques watch the noo

TIMMY (Hi8, 20′, 1998) ☆ There’s a 20 year anniversary screening of The Who’s ‘Quadrophenia’ in Brighton and local Mod Timmy (Nick Currey) has not been invited. He won’t get fooled again.

TAKE ME HOME (S8/CG on 16mm, 7′, 1997) ☆ Commissioned by Arts Council England. ‘A chain of free associations & non-sequitors evoking the spirit of Dada.’ (A Century of Artists Film In Britain, Tate Britain). ‘Part performance art, part film space-time perception comedy, Hulse’s piece is a delightful heir to Dada cinema of Hans Richter & other early avant-gardists.’ (SolPix Review).

SINE DIE (S8, 4′, 1994) ☆ ‘Part pantheistic hymn to the sea, part Pythonesque tribute to the inherited English madness that seeks out nature as a backdrop to eccentric rituals.’ (Figuring Landscapes)

ONE MEAN SUCKER (S8, 30”, 1994) ☆ S8mm commercial for the innovative vacuum cleaner, the Dyson Dual Cyclone, with music by Wire.

AS GOOD AS A NOD (Beta SP, 1′, 1991) ☆ Commissioned by BBC2’s The Late Show & Arts Council England.

A MINIMAL RESPECT: MEXICO CITY 1990 (S8, 25′, 1990) ☆ Eccentric journalistic exploration of British identity & cultural transplantation, featuring lucha-libre, bullfighting, shoe shine boys and polyester suits.  ‘I met this man in Mexico who insisted on buying me drink after drink. That man turned out to be me.’

ON RETURNING (S8, 20′, 1990) ☆ Revisiting the Isle of Mull. ‘Perhaps everyone should make a piece of work about their mother, or their father. If they don’t know either parent, they could make a piece of fiction. Maybe sometimes it’s better that way.’

PURPLE RINSE (S8, 7′, 1989) ☆ ‘Heaven is a Gateway / Heaven is a Tesco / Heaven is a Co-op / Heaven is a Sainsbury’s’. Film document of performance.

MULL MOTHER (S8, 12′, 1988) ☆ Journey film, by train & foot, home to the Isle of Mull.


THE MANUAL (S8 on DV, 20′ loop, 2010) ☆ Document of silversmith Drummond H Masterton made in collaboration with jewellery artist Adam Paxon, commissioned by IC: Innovative Craft. ‘Hulse brings poetry to process and overlays Drummond’s articulate discussion of digital craft with cycling, sawing, milling and strangely beguiling close ups of buttons, knobs, shelving systems and drills.’ (Amanda Game)

AIR IOMLAID (On Exchange) (HD, 40′ loop, 2010) ☆ A visual arts project linking children in Skye and Edinburgh developed by The Fruitmarket Gallery. Led by artist Julie Brook along with Lasair Ealain, a committee of pupils from Bun Sgoil Shlèite, a Gaelic-speaking primary school on Skye. Nominated for the 2011 Clore Museum Learning Award.

LIGHT WORK (Many Hands) (S8 on DV, 8′ loop, 2009) ☆ Commissioned by IC: Innovative Craft for touring show ‘Follow a Thread (Six Contemporary Responses to Tapestry)’, created in collaboration with the Dovecot (Edinburgh) weavers.

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