The Audible Picture Show On Vinyl

Audible Picture Show

A selection of audio works from the The Audible Picture Show will be released on vinyl at this year’s Rotterdam International Film Festival.

As part of De Player’s innovative BIGMAG. series of publications, a selection of works from the show’s archive will be released on twin 12″ vinyl records, in combination with artwork commissioned from participating artists.

In keeping with the show’s premise – audio works in a dark cinema –  and the notion of cinema being created in the mind’s eye, a ‘never filmed’ screenplay by film maker Gabor Altorjay will be included as part of the package.

With mathematical titles such as SYMMETRY (BM#1), HEXAGON (BM#2), POLYTOPIA (BM#3), De Player continues the series with ˈtɛsərə (BM#4).

tɛsərə (BM#4) will be released on 27th January 2011 at the Rotterdam International Film Festival, at a special event with performances by participating artists, a script reading, musical acts and a presentation of The Audible Picture Show.

John Parry & Matt Hulse will premiere a new performance with the title Old Age Should Burn And Rave At Close Of Day involving live arm wrestling over a Dylan Thomas EP.

The artists included on ˈtɛsərə (BM#4) are Zoë Irvine, John Parry, Philip Newcombe, Mr Clay, Helena Gough, Matt Hulse, Danielle Simpson, Christine Olejniczak, Peter Fengler and Joost van Veen.

To purchase a copy of ˈtɛsərə (BM#4) please contact info[at]deplayer[dot]nl

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