Dummy Jim Now Powered By Wind

The website Dummy Jim has switched to ‘green hosting’ with ethical web design company Make Hay.

All About Cycles
All About Cycles

Once the switch over was done, Vicky from Make Hay got in touch, saying:

I just wanted to send you a quick message. I was just looking at our latest Green Hosting clients’ sites ready to update our portfolio & in doing so re-visited dummyjim.com.

I’ve just lost about an hour of work being mesmerised by the beautiful illustrations, animation & film footage on the website. It’s so unique & imaginative & I’m really happy that you chose our service to host it.

Wishing you all the best with everything & I look forward to hearing how the film progresses.

That certainly puts a spring in our step & oils the chains.

Sticking with the green theme, the ever supportive Press & Journal writer Jamie Buchan has penned a kindly article outlining the green ambition of Dummy Jim (the film).

It must be pointed out however that the budget figures are wildly inaccurate. £8000 is a more realistic target.

Why not get involved & help us boost this figure by heading over to Dummy Jim & making a cash donation in return for some great merchandise?

Dummy Jim Now Powered By Wind