Dunlop Rocking

activity chair 1Guy Bishop has been busy over the weekend.

He created this beautiful construction which he describes as ‘a child’s rocking high chair with adjustable weighting & activity table’.

The Force of Dunlop is strong in this one. Have we here Jean Tinguely’s heir apparent?

Cheekily, one of the items open to abuse on the activity table is a tin of solvent.

This piece plays a role in an elaborate interactive installation called Dunlop’s Pedal Powered Time Machine created by Guy in collaboration with myself & Alan Brown.

The show runs from May 30th – September 12th at the Dick Institute Museum & Art Gallery.

Dunlop Rocking

One thought on “Dunlop Rocking

  1. Jan Van Os says:

    Those contraptions remind me of both “Royal de Luxe” from Nantes (F) and the inventions of Wallace and Gromit!

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