Dunlop’s Pedal Powered Time Machine

An Update on Work In Progress

Mighty Dunlop

As part of the Dick Institute Museum & Art Gallery’s summer exhibition Ayrshire Innovators, artists Guy Bishop, Alan Brown & Matt Hulse have been commissioned to create an interactive exhibit, Dunlop’s Pedal Powered Time Machine.

Participants will be invited to sit upon & pedal a hand-built bicycle, powering a series of visual effects including moving imagery produced by a zoetrope, which rapidly rotates static images to create one of the oldest forms of optical illusion.

It's All About Cycles
Guy Works (It) Out

The work is inspired by Ayrshire-born John Boyd Dunlop’s invention of the ‘practical pneumatic tyre’ & his contemporary, Kirkpatrick Macmillan, credited with the invention of the pedal bicycle, or ‘velocipede’. Matt proposed the original idea for the exhibition & the three Scottish-based artists developed the idea collaboratively, designing & constructing devices that could be used to explore the emergence of the world’s most popular form of sustainable transport.

Show The Working
Showing The Working at Alan's Place

The exhibit will be set in an imagined workshop-come-drawing room, creating a ‘hive of activity’ in which inventors such as Dunlop may have worked, with experiments, half-finished inventions & new ideas spilling over into the domestic environment.

The materials used in the exhibit will be sourced from scrap yards & recycling centres, ensuring that the project stays true to its aim of re-using where possible. Some of the Dick’s own museum artifacts will be incorporated to help set the scene. The complex network of handle-bars, tyres, wires & spokes will create a sense of playful experimentation, reminding us that innovation is often the result of a seemingly chaotic & untidy process of trial & error.

Matt's Notes
Matt's Sketchbook


Guy Bishop runs his own studio in Edinburgh working mainly in mechanical construction & sculpture for exhibition & national theatre companies. He previously worked with Matt on the major touring kinetic installation project, The Harrachov Exchange.

It's All About Cycles
It's All About Cycles

Alan Brown works in moving image & new media, modifying consumer devices & circuitry, creating tools for exhibition & performance. He too has worked with Matt, designing the website Dummy Jim.

Matt Hulse’s CV can be found here.

The show runs from May 30th – September 12th at the Dick Institute Museum & Art Gallery.

Dunlop’s Pedal Powered Time Machine

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