Dummy Jim, The One Ensemble & Sarah Kenchington

Hoorah! sing I for the music department of the Scottish Arts Council for they are supporting my long-time collaborator Daniel Padden with a healthy sum of cash. Blimey! This award for New Work enables the writing, recording & performance of music which will in the fullness & fruitfulness & gentleness of time emerge as the wonderful score for the feature film Dummy Jim. But not before an album is released & a tour underway.

Ensemble Compilation

The project brings together The One Ensemble (Daniel’s regular band) with artist & musician Sarah Kenchington. Together they are creating a suite of works inspired by James Duthie’s journal ‘I Cycled Into the Arctic Circle’, the original & priceless inspiration behind Dummy Jim.

As a solo artist, Daniel has an ongoing collaboration with Sarah. Which sounds & sounds & sounds.

Arika have also kindly come on board with an additional cash sum towards the cost of touring & documenting the live performances. The One Ensemble, with Sarah Kenchington, are anticipated to appear as performers in the film. The documentary footage of the band on tour may well play a role in the film too.

It’s an unusual situation to create music for a film in advance of it having been shot. Music usually follows picture cut. As a film maker though I have often worked this way round, allowing music & sound to influence ideas, pace, tempo & content from the outset. It’s a good plan. I get a lot of inspiration from music. It seems to me that the world is full of people using words to explain things that are obvious. Music works differently.

Besides, it’s a great way of working & keeps everyone remarkably young, intelligent, fit, hilarious & refined.

These pictures are from our initial session in the mountains. A session with Sarah will follow in August, hopefully in the valleys.

The One Ensemble are Shane Connolly, Peter Nicholson, Daniel Padden & Aby Vulliamy.

The recording engineer, Stevie Jones, is a particularly lovely chap.

Dummy Jim, The One Ensemble & Sarah Kenchington

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