Wooda #11: Wooda’s Secret Discography

Got this haiku from Nick:

Blog anew Matty
The slotted spoon has moved on
Ukulele time

I fancied a change from the old blog-prose updates & also a break from editing, so I have spent some time creating a back catalogue of albums that I – as it were – recorded here at Wooda.

Wild Child
Wild Child


The Spinney (1985): Much sought after debut album from solo ukulele prankster Matt Hulse, including Top 30 hit Twiglets.

Produced by Brain Ono.




A Normal Boy (1991): Hulse solo again, in alt.country vibe, fusing faux-lazy brush drums with percussive horse nut explosions & line dancing.

Cool Mule




Untitled (1993): The first album in a series that fans refer to, in hushed tones, as The Bleak Trilogy. Produced by Default.

The bold opener Black Slotted Spoon heralds a new departure in the reclusive artiste’s repertoire with its unforgiving 23 minute ukulele solo, fed back through a toy microphone strapped to a sedentary mule.



The Tapalapa Trio (1995): Hulse joins post-rock avant-jazz heavy weights Whitbread & Burrows on this free-form organic workout inspired by the legendary wildcat of Cornwall. Produced by Woodburner.

The Wind On The Moon





Woodamoon (1997): Hulse, solo again. The irksomely mashed closing track More Space For Haiku says it all.

Pet Sounds
Pet Sounds


The Lonely Donkeys (1998):  Escapist poptastic respite from The Bleak Trilogy.

Jangling treble guitars, dirty bass, frenetic drums & a growling guest appearance from Lemmy who, legend has it, was found asleep in a pub near the Wooda studio. Produced by Accident.

Ugh! Boots
Ugh! Boots

Cal: Walk On (2000): Something of a return to his alt.country days, Hulse pens heart warming ballads covering such diverse topics as bread making, wind turbines & Davidstow mature cheddar. Produced.

Clean Slate
Clean Slate

The Harder They Come (2002): Hulse reasserts his genre-bending expertise with this down-the-back-steps-then-off-the-wall take on northern soul.

Crowd-pleaser Slip Up Fatty climbs up to number 7 on the Crackington Institute Hit Parade. Produced by Wewak.

Birdy Song
Birdy Song


Cornish Birds (2008): After a break of 6 years, Hulse returns with this tongue-in-cheek bluesy exploration of airborne wildlife.

The hapless soar of Where Is Dawn? suggests that Hulse isn’t planning on handing in his rock ‘n’ roll credentials anytime soon.

If you would like to buy any of these priceless recordings, I’ll need an advance of about £1000 per album.

But I would make the record for you, I really would …

The Real Deal



Breaking News!

Nick sent me a picture of this LP that I forgot about.

The Spoof
The Spoof


Wooda #11: Wooda’s Secret Discography

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