Wooda #10: Sad News

Quiet Waters By 


Quiet Waters By


I am sorry to report that Wewak has died after a night’s heavy snowfall. I am sure in animal paradise she’ll have acquired a brand new set of teeth & be roaming freely in a pasture of luscious grass. Bless.

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Wooda #10: Sad News

7 thoughts on “Wooda #10: Sad News

  1. Tim says:

    Very sad. There’s something sad about sheep any way methinks. I wrote a play about a dead sheep once. She was called Funella and the actor that played her lives in our office to this day, in a big box on wheels. The play was really about my Dad though.


  2. thedoorinthechapel says:

    A spoon approaching
    Through the freshfell snow & swift
    Came night to Wooda

  3. Matty LL says:

    Sorry to hear of your loss, Matt. Dead sheep are preying on my mind too right now, as, unexpectedly, they feature heavily in my Bridging the Gap doc. I’ll send you a production still – I insist on matching crew uniforms, approximating the look of Devo.

    Hope all well, cannae wait to see the results.


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