Wooda #8: Haiku Triplet for Wewak

Wewak The Wild Woolly Jumper

Wewak The Wild Woolly Jumper


Wewak is an elderly sheep that has lived for many years at Wooda. She is pretty special, having survived a few major accidents. She has also lost most of her incisor teeth now, so spends a lot of time searching out the foliage which she finds easiest to chew. This leads her to some awkward spots. This triplet of haiku are in her honour. If you find that strange, then I suggest that you need to get to know some animals, other than humans.


Dear gentle Wewak

Foraging for tender leaves

Tumbled off a cliff


Landed on her back

Unable to right herself

Stick legs in the air


Ba-Baa Baa Ba-Baaaa!

Team Wooda to the rescue

Wewak’s off again


What is a haiku?

Wooda #8: Haiku Triplet for Wewak

5 thoughts on “Wooda #8: Haiku Triplet for Wewak

  1. Matt Hulse says:

    Thanks for responses
    This is why the Japanese
    Can count so damn well?

    And yet they have known
    Catastrophic financial
    Oblivion +

    Perhaps we should not
    Be so eager to take on
    This way of writing

  2. Ailsa says:

    Darn. I only knew about the 17 syllables, not the 5-7-5 bit (because I didn’t bother to read your link to Wikipedia, of course). OK, how about this?

    Archie the greyhound

    Often yelps while he’s sleeping

    But it doesn’t last

  3. Matt Hulse says:

    Sweet poem Ailsa
    But you broke the sacred rule
    5-7-5, see?

    Do corrections now
    Or Wewak gets your breakfast
    And your dinner too

    Haiku Master (Follow The) x

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