Wooda #8: Fresh Connections

Sun Son Sun
Sun Son Sun

A fresh pint of connections has been poured, ready to refresh you.

My pal & extraordinarily talented animator Garry Marshall stayed at Wooda with his family back in 2006. I had no idea about this. When he heard about my residency he was naturally really pleased & sent me this picture of one of his sons with Cal the Cob. In a much more gloriously clean state, I have to say, than he is currently. Cal that is, not son. But that’s winter, all rain & mud & dampness & crap & artists filming one wearing bowler hats.

I plan to give Cal a good brush with the guidance of my sister Polly. Morgan apparently is a bit shy of such things. Fair enough.

Talking of dampness … did you know that there is a herd of mythical-looking wild goats that are living on the very edge of the cliffs here in North Cornwall? No, neither did I. I ran into them as I was completing a rather amazing round-trip from Wooda.


This map pretty much shows where I went. There’s another mile or so to get to & from the farm & it’s a beautiful part of the world. Before I even encountered the herd I smelt them – you know goats cheese? – well imagine that pungency wafting out of the blue on a mild, sunny day, in the fresh air, when you least expect it.

Jan & Nille. These are two very lovely people from Belgium that we encountered – on & off  – during the walk of the South Downs Way & it was always a delight to see them. I got in touch with them to see if they would like to add any thoughts about their experience & bless them they went & shot a wee movie of their own, which they sent me via email, with this message.

‘Don’t laugh! It isn’ t easy talking to a camera! And we tried to remain serious, so the result is a rather unhappy, dull looking old couple.’

I must say this does them a great disservice. Their contribution will end up (in some form) in Follow The Master because it’s good & true material.

Surely this is what film making is about, when it draws together disparate strands & demonstrates that there is cohesion amidst chaos. In the end is that not the only story that matters?

Luscious Lips
Luscious Lips

Finally, there are all sorts of funny coincidences & collisions & connections that the process of editing throws up. Here’s one that Nick spotted. It’s only natural.

Next: Wewak the Sheep – Exclusive Pictures!

Wooda #8: Fresh Connections

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