The Audible Picture Show

Original Audio Works For Cinema

‘A unique & entertaining cinema experience‘

The Audible Picture Show is an international touring show of audio works created for cinema by a diverse range of people including visual artists, film makers, animators, radio makers, audio artists, sound designers, writers, musicians plus a choice selection of found sound.

Each show is compiled afresh from a growing archive of 100+ unique works. Many pieces were created at the invitation of the show’s curator, Matt Hulse. Others were submitted by those inspired by the show. Yet more were discovered along the way.

The show was founded in 2003.

Selected Contributors

Gilles Aubry | Adam Bork | Alan Brown | Martin Clarke | Adam Clitheroe | Nick Collins | Nicola Atkinson Davidson | Marcel Dinahet | Peter Fengler | Lee Gamble | Helena Gough | Ron Haselden | Ian Helliwell | Tony Hill | Barrie Hole | Beverley Hood | Matt Hulse | Zoë Irvine | Helson & Jackets | Charlie Jeffery | Andrew Kötting | Torsten Lauschmann | | Bob Levene | Holger Mohaupt | Momus | Philip Newcombe | Christine Olejniczak | Rashad Omar | Denise Ondayko | Daniel Padden | John Parry | Pendle Poucher | The Brothers Quay | Simon Richardson | Max Richter | Danielle Simpson | Julie Shapiro | Grant Stewart | Joost van Veen | Esther Veenroy | Vernon & Burns


‘The Audible Picture Show was a wonderful success & we heard from many attendees that the event was the highlight of the conference. I’d rate the show as one of my top 5 cinema-going experiences. Matt’s choices & programming were excellent; a wide range of aesthetic & emotional works.’ (Jennifer Proctor, Programmer, ‘Studies in Sound: Listening in the Age of Visual Culture’, University of Iowa 2007)

‘An inspiring & completely unique experience. I hadn’t anticipated being so engaged & caught up with it. Thank you!’ (Rosie Crerar, Programmer, The Magic Lantern, 2009)

‘The show at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin was terrific. I wish there were more opportunities to spend evenings like that. I think we all need more chances to encounter & consider all the interesting audio that’s being produced & found around us.’ (Patrick Williams, Austin, TX, 2005)

‘The single most moving moment for me at the Third Coast International Audio Festival was listening to a wordless recording of a nautical beacon in The Audible Picture Show. During that moment I vividly experienced the tragedy of travelling between this world & the underworld. Or was I just remembering an old French movie?’ (Matt Thompson, Chicago, IL, 2005)

‘Yesterday was the premiere of mine & other sound works inside The Audible Picture Show. It was a very inspiring show & I was excited to walk into a cinema to, for the first time, listen to my own work. I got the rare feeling that the whole crap of life is worth something in the end’ (Kristin Looer, Participating Artist, Filmhouse Edinburgh, 2005)

‘I wanted to thank you for the unique opportunity to be a part of The Audible Picture Show, it was one of the highlights of my year! I had some idea of what it would be like, but once I was able to fully experience it in a darkened theater it came home to me what a novel event it is, and I thoroughly enjoyed all of the pieces.’ (Grant Stewart, Participating Artist, Cucalorus 2010)

‘I am amazed by the effect these Audible Pictures have on my mood – afterwards I feel refreshed ‘ (Verena Von Stackelberg, Berlin, 2010)


Matt Hulse in interview with Alex Fitch on Resonance FM

Participating artist Adam Bork creates a film in response to his Audible Picture ‘November 18, 1970’

Touring History


Wycombe Listening:  A One Night, Experiential Sound Art Exhibition


Festival Tous Écrans  (Geneva International Film Festival)


reRun Gastropub Theater Brooklyn | The University of North Carolina (Wilmington) Film Studies Department


BIGMAG.#4: ˈtɛsərə (De Player / IFFR Rotterdam) | Unheard Festival Amsterdam | release of limited edition twin 12″ vinyl plus contributor artworks and writing


Glynn Vivian Art Gallery Swansea  | Kino Tilsiter Lichtspiele Berlin | De Player Rotterdam | Garage Center for Contemporary Culture Moscow | Cucalorus Film Festival


The Magic Lantern CCA Glasgow | Diversions Film Festival Edinburgh | The Dukes Lancaster


FACT Liverpool | Reading Experimental Film Festival | Cinema Nova Brussels | Scheld’apen Antwerp | Cat Strand New Galloway


Cinema Nova Brussels | London Short Film Festival ICA | Studies in Sound: Listening in the Age of Visual Culture (University of Iowa)


Caixa Forum Barcelona | Resonance FM | Split International Festival of New Film | Curzon Soho | Kunstvlaai Amsterdam | European Media Art Festival Osnabrueck | Flatpack Festival Birmingham


Leeds International Film Festival | Glasgow Film Theatre | Filmhouse Edinburgh | Cinema Pour l‘Oreille Utrecht | Rotterdam International Film Festival | Texan tour → Aurora Picture Show Houston | Urban 15 San Antonio | The Ballroom Marfa | Alamo Drafthouse Austin (Supported by Scottish Arts Council)


Cinecity Brighton | Schmalfilmtage Dresden | The Gene Siskel Film Center Chicago | Third Coast International Audio Festival Chicago | La Casa Encendida Madrid | Filmmuseum Potsdam | National Museum of Film & TV Bradford | De Player Rotterdam | Curzon Soho | Britspotting Berlin | Centre For Contemporary Art Warsaw


LUX Open Royal College of Art London | Cambridge Film Festival | Filmhouse Edinburgh | L’Alternativa Barcelona | Dundee Contemporary Arts

Would you like to programme this event or submit work for consideration?

Contact: anormalboy_at_gmail_dot_com

The Audible Picture Show

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